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Liverpool Womens Hospital


As the newly built Liverpool Womens Hospital was just opened we approached the Arts Co-ordinator with a proposal to create a large new artwork.

The project involved fundraising to cover the cost of printing and installation, and it also formed part of the fundraising for a Raleigh International Expedition to Belize for Patricia.

liverpool womens hospital banner

After consultation with the hospital arts co-ordinator we arrived at four key words that were to be included in the design. We used photographs and source images to illustrate the many aspects of the hospital and the wide range of staff that work there. Using a combination of vector software and Adobe Photoshop we layered the images, applied filters and created the 3m x 1m digital artwork.


The large banner was printed by Benson Signs and a smaller 100cm long banner was printed to be taken to Belize. Benson Signs in Liverpool installed the banner on the stairwell leading to the main maternity wards.

A list of names of the various companies and individuals who sponsored the project is printed to the left of the image.

Belize expedition
The Raleigh International Expedition 95C that Patricia was a part of, consisted of time spent working on projects in the Belize jungle, building a new school in the village of Mafredi, and a new Health Post in Otoxha village where the smaller banner was installed.