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Visionfest 94


As part of the 1994 Visionfest arts festival in Liverpool, David was invited to be lead digital artist on a large scale vinyl artwork project which was commissioned by the Everton Regeneration Organisation. Along with other artists on the project we collaborated with four different aspects of the Everton community.

These involved a primary school, elderly persons home, youth club and a play centre. By letting the various groups use disposable cameras we gathered a hugh resource of images which were processed as photographs which were then scanned. Stories and memories were recorded and documented from the older persons group and further research onto historical elements of the Everton area provided more reference material. The regeneration that was planned for the area was a key ingredient to be considered in the artworks.


From the resource material and photographs collected, it was apparent that the contributions of the four different groups would provide the inital idea for the four large 4m x 4m banners. Further development of the idea led to the four key words of Build, Future, City and Union that underpins the theme of each banner.



The City banner shows the text from an older person who recalls their childhood memories.
Childrens' drawings were scanned and used to produce vector graphics combined with flat colour and scaled photographs to represent location and community. Keywords emphasise the sense of belonging and forward looking aspects of being an even stronger regenerated area.

commutation row

The derelict buildings on Commutation Row had scaffolding erected to hold the 4m x 4m vinyl banners.


Large 4m x 4m banners also had coloured reflective film, as used on road signs, cut into shapes to the design of the print. These reflective areas 'glowed' in the dark when car headlights shone at them.
The vinyl banners remained in place for over five months until the demolition of the derelict buildings made way for the regeneration of that area.