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Prescot Soccer Centre


This commission from Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council was to create art works for the new Prescot Soccer and Leisure Centre, to liven up the building and bring colour images to the interior. The panels were 2m x 1m and 3m wide x 1.5m tall.

The artwork reflects football, sport and healthy lifestyles with a link to the heritage of the area such as the old Prescot Sports Club, the pitches and the old BICC canteen which previously existed on the site.

main wall 5 panels
Above is the artwork for the main wall. It consists of five tall panels together making a 3 metre x 1.6 metre image. Using key words and photographs we wanted to depict the activities at the soccer centre and its inspirational ethos along side some historical context.
left and right panels
Above are the left and right panels which are two metres high. By using a selection from over 400 photographs we took of the wide and diverse number of soccer players, coaches, parents, supporters, and organisations, we wanted to depict the passion, skills, drive and inspiration that they all show.
installed panels
I have been over at the Prescot Soccer and Leisure Centre this morning and the artwork is absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for creating meaningful and beautiful artwork that really enhances the space as well as engages the people who use it”. Paula
10 small panels
Each panel has a key word associated with an aspect of football and sport training, along with a quote from well known sporting figures used to inspire and instill a strong positive outlook.