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Reception Playground

at St Leos and Southmead Catholic Primary School


A design project for St Leos and Southmead Primary School is to create art works for the playground of the Reception Class.

Working closely with the teachers we have produced a range of ideas and stage one of the project has been the design and installation of 3 vinyl banners which show many of the elements used in the childrens learning throughout the year.

reception 3 banners
The above three vinyl banners work together making a 5.4 metre x 0.8 metre image. Using initial talks with teaching staff we have illustrated the many aspects of the curriculum under the theme of "Our World".
left and right panels
Above is the left panel which shows some of the objects the children use in their classroom that we have photographed and illustrated. Also within the theme of "Our World" you can see a number of children from various cultures and countries depicted holding hands across the globe.
installed panels
The central panel depicts some of the people who "help us" and the a few of the important buildings from around the local community. Various types of houses and iconic city buildings are also shown
10 small panels
The third panel explores space with the illustrated solar system planets, a rocket, satellite, alien flying saucer and a space shuttle full of animals!