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As artist printmakers we use a combination of silkscreen and relief printmaking techniques and processes to produce mixed media limited edition prints for sale and exhibition.

This knowledge is used to deliver workshops that can consist of any or a combination of the following printmaking techniques:

• Monoprinting
• SilkScreen printing
• Digital preparation of images using Photoshop for printmaking
• Lino-cut
• MagicStamp foam block printing
• Collotype and relief printmaking

block print 1

During our screenprint workshops, we encourage and develop an experimental approach to mark making directly onto the screen, or paper cut stencils, wax resist, stop-out and image exposed photo-emulsion. And depending of the type and length of workshop, students will explore various different processes of image making and construct several different plates or screens to utilise a variety of printmaking techniques.

block print 2

We enjoy the rich reward when exploring the tactile and hands on aspects of printmaking, and also use digital techniques with traditional print techniques to produce editioned and hybrid gicleé prints.

5 panels

This large digital print onto vinyl shows a large number of pupils foam block prints combined with small photographs as detail showing the workshops in progress.

From working with the pupils we collect and collate the artwork to be assembled into larger artworks for display or digital manipulation or reproduction.