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Our papermaking workshops cover aspects of handmade paper/pulp in an art and craftmaking context, with the use of techniques for fine art, surface pattern, handmade books and tactile artefacts.

When delivering a papermaking workshop, we bring all of the equipment, moulds, deckles and materials and will tailor the workshop to meet your interests, needs, and learning outcomes.

"From the onset, the papermaking workshop was well organised, planned and delivered in an engaging and exciting way. Every child participated with enthusiasm and the development of skills and talents was encouraged and celebrated. The finished paper was outstanding and the workshop was a wonderful opportunity for professional development. Mr and Mrs Holmes are inspirational artists that always bring out the best in the children".
Samantha Pimblett. Year One teacher and Arts Co-ordinator.

yr4 papermaking

Papermaking workshop during Science week.
Art4design delivered a papermaking workshop last week with the content linked to the science behind paper, pulp and additives that can be used for paper production. The year 4 children then enjoyed getting messy with mixed paper pulp and made their own paper sheets. Then made a special heart shape paper sheet with embedded dried Lavender flowers for a Mothers day card. It was a great fun morning out in the warm sun!

painted canvas

Making handmade paper is more than a fun experience, it’s a good way to recycle waste into wonderful possibilities. To experiment with different fibres, other than recycled newspaper or waste paper. You will be shown how to add flowers, leaves, or objects to the pulp mixture after it has been through the blender. Add scraps of yarn, tin foil, glitter or buttons, to experiment with different textures and colours.

adding sequins
Embed into paper such as plants, collage, fabric and torn magazine images. Items to emboss into paper surface can be toys, hard textured objects, lino blocks and 3D shapes.
Control the application of pulp by hand using different coloured pulp and plastic or metal cake cutter shapes and moulds.
embedding natural materials

St Leos and Southmead Primary school year 1 pupils created lots of exciting paper using coloured pulp, plants, metal moulds, fabric and glitter dots.
Paper made from rubbish bin contents and then sent to textile designer for collaborative end result. Recycling of collected personal "rubbish" is cataloged, photographed and pulped to make a single paper sheet. Through collaboration the paper is worked upon to make a personal connection with the paper 'context' by artist and collaborator.
A large artist book shows a number of "rubbish > to paper > to collaboration" works created with David Holmes and other artists.
A0 size paperwork constructions using various shaped moulds and deckles.