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Staff Inset


Our Staff Inset training can focus on a range of practical Art, Design and Technology skills. These sessions provide teachers with ideas, practical experience and useful tips on how to effectively deliver projects in the classroom. Inset training will give teachers the confidence to undertake practical projects, allowing pupils to produce quality pieces of art and design work.

Inset can be delivered on a school training day, twilight session or to a smaller group of staff. We offer inspiring hands on activities that can be immediately used with pupils. The CPD training can focus on developing skills that link to the curriculum in a number of areas, whether specialising in drawing, painting, graphic design, digital photography, animation, collage, textiles or sculpture. Workshops can be specifically planned to fit in with your curriculum year plan.


The staff inset at Evelyn Community Primary School in Prescot, was a three hour twilight session about printmaking. The workshop involved the demonstration, hands-on activities and discussion of four printmaking techniques which were, monoprinting, screenprinting, polyboard printmaking and foam block repeat printing.

screen printing

Part of our approach to art inset training is to help some staff who may feel very reluctant to involve themselves with art in the classroom through a perceived lack of knowledge or ability. We always aim to help staff to see the value of art teaching and how it might be incorporated in projects in other areas of teaching.

screen printing with stencils

Simple printmaking techniques such as screenprint were explained through the use of paper stencils, registration and overprinting of three colours to achieve a final edition of prints. The use of worksheets, primary reference images and research links, help to deliver information about each print process.

poly printing

Polyboard prints provide a quick and cheap method of printing, a drawn image that can be inked in various colours before printing, and then further expanded with techniques that involve more drawing, cutting and subtraction of areas for overprinting.

poly block

Hand painting ink onto a polyboard to create texture, colour and blends.


Foam printing blocks are an amazing resource for printing textures and repeat patterns. The overlaying of different colour printed blocks gives a rich texture.

discussing polyprints

Staff at Evelyn Community Primary School were very enthusiastic and took advantage of the hands-on print workshop to produce a large number of prints. They asked some great questions and led discussion, some staff even experimented in combining the four print techniques together.

final prints

Final prints drying on the floor area.