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This archive page contains various projects and examples of past work. To view other personal artwork and prints please visit our individual websites.


Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School

main hall banners
The above two large four metre long banners were designed for each side of the stage in the main hall of Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School.
mobile presentation opp-ups
A number of two metre high pop-up banners were also designed for publicity and presentations at external events.
installed panels
Large wide format welcome banners were situated in the school reception and foyer, and on the front railings near the road at the school gates.
10 small panels
A large number of photographs were taken of the activities and pupils of the school and these were combined together within the banner designs to show the diversity and range of curriculum areas.
The banner design concept was used to produce postcards for celebrating achievement as seen by the excellent and praise postcards above.