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The animations below are from a number of different half day or full day workshops based around various themes and related to projects within the curriculum for each centre.

During our workshops we put animation into an historical context identifying a number of key developments and explain a range of animation techniques:

• Drawing for stop-motion
• Plasticine and Clay modelling
• Using 2D and 3D objects
• Time lapse
• 2D Computer animation using Adobe Photoshop
• 2D Computer animation using Adobe Flash
• Using sequences of still images and photographs for animation
• Cut-outs and silhouettes animation.

St Leos alien animation 2014 from art4design on Vimeo.

We have delivered a number of stop motion animation workshops with the end result being a fully edited movie with sound of the individual animated sequences, or a combination of group animations produced onto DVD or saved in other file formats.

June 2013 > Year 3 stop motion animations from art4design on Vimeo.

After a basic knowledge of animation and techniques, we lead on to a demonstration of drawings for a stop motion animation. The workshop animations that have been produced show the result of collaborative discussion, collective imagination and creativity, problem solving, critical analysis and a lot of very obvious teamwork.

July 2013 > Year 1 Slippery Fish animation from art4design on Vimeo.

The process of designing, story boarding, scripting and staging animations has tremendous educational potential. The use of equipment and setup involves practical tasks such as:

• Drawings > consideration of movement; scale and continuity.
• Set design, camera use, lighting, and modelling.
• Calculation of how many drawings needed > fps > movie length.
• Capture and Playback > Saving digital file/animation.

trophy crazy storyboard


lifetime adventure storyboard

May 2011 > Alien Betty sends a message to the children from art4design on Vimeo.

We use MacBook Pro laptops, each with video/still cameras and rostrums/tripods and lighting. All animations are post edited with sound track and titles.

animation frames